Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start looking for dresses?
12-18 months before your wedding.
How long do wedding dresses take to come in?
6-9 months but can be rush ordered in 12 weeks (charges may apply) and we have a number of sample dresses available to buy off the peg.
How long do bridesmaids dresses take to come in?
17 weeks.
I can’t find shoes and bag to match the colour of my outfit.
Rainbow club shoes can dye to match a swatch of fabric and take 2 weeks. Note they only dye rainbow club shoes and bags.
What length do your veils come in?
They can be custom made to the length you require. Our veils come any edge, length, number of tiers as specified when ordered taking 6 weeks.
Can the lace from my dress be ordered to match the veil?
Stella York offers you the option to purchase lace so that your veil matches your dress perfectly. Our veil manufacturer will then hand sew it to your veil.
How is the length of my dress altered with a scalloped edge?
It will be carefully removed and resewn once shortened, if you purchase a Stella York dress they can supply the scallop off to assist with altering the length (charges may apply).
Can I change the corset to a zip?
Yes it can be ordered with a zip at no extra charge.
Can straps be added to a dress?
Yes straps can be added and there is usually fabric from the hem that can be used.
Can I buy extra fabric from my wedding/bridesmaids dress?
Yes this can be ordered in full yards (charges apply).