Alberto Palatchi

Alberto Palatchi Gallardo (Barcelona, 1992) is the founder and director of the company that bears his name, currently considered one of the most promising business projects in the bridal sector.

Made with high quality fabrics, such as guipure or brocade, Alberto Palatchi’s designs seek to create the perfect piece for each bride, taking care of details, lines and fabrics. The attention to detail guarantees the highest quality in each and every dress, from the initial design sketches to the final assembly, resulting in the creation of dresses with a unique essence that reaches its maximum splendor when dressing the bride.

Timeless elegance, quality and attention to detail define the essence of the company’s dresses. Simple and clean in design, with high quality fabrics and materials. An elegance that follows predetermined patterns based on the accumulated knowledge of the Palatchi family and incorporates new concepts to create exclusive and elegant designs for today’s woman.

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